Bog Lap - Street


On an urban street flanked by the tables of alfresco cafes and restaurants young men in elaborately adorned cars repeat a circuit at low speed, their sound systems blasting out bass heavy dance beats.

As always on a Friday or Saturday night, pedestrians and diners in the street are the target audience of this masculine display of powerful machinery. Gradually one car begins to stand out from the rest, appearing more lavishly modified and accessorized every lap, eventually to the point of ridiculousness. Bubbles blow from the supercharger, filling the street.

Flouro lights, a smoke machines and a mirror ball appear. It becomes a rolling parody of the vehicles that surround it. …but suddenly, smoke gushes from beneath the car. It slows to a halt.

The occupants emerge and look under the hood. The engine squirts one of them in the face. Fingers are slammed in the bonnet. An unsuspecting audience finds themselves fooled as confusion turns to laughter.

Bog Lap is testosterone charged, fuel injected theatre out of its traditional context and in the public’s face. It is culturally relevant, uniquely Australian, and hysterically funny.

Suitable for outdoor events and arts festivals.